We Help You To-

Build & Manage A Team of Writers with True Niche Expertise & Credibility

Hiring writers is easy, hiring good writers is hard, and hiring niche experts is the hardest

Now, let us put it straight into what we mean by ‘niche expert’ writers-

  • They have first-hand expertise in your niche.
  • They are credible(degrees, certifications, experience) to advice.
  • They bring on social proof to be a subject matter expert.
  • Might have writing experience as well.
In short, they check two boxes- value-packed No-BS content for your readers and E.E.A.T. for google. 
Now ask yourself- how much working hours you need to pour in to hire 20 writers of such kind, train them up to the standard, and more importantly, retain them for months?
Hundreds, or maybe more. 
And this is what we promise to do for you.

What's On Us?

In the first 6 weeks, we’ll-

  • Understand your strategy & budget
  • Put together the hiring SOP
  • Prepare training module
  • Launch and spread the recruitment
  • Sort, screen and select 15-20 writers
  • Onboard them and train them

Afterwards, we will- 

  • Delegate the tasks to writers > editors > publisher
  • Ensure monthly turn around time
  • Do regular quality-checks of contents
  • Keep the hiring and training ongoing in case the existing writers drop out
  • Ensure 100 contents/mo on a regular basis
  • Provide E.E.A.T. signals through social shares and author profiles
  • Report and document everything

What's On You?

In the first 6 weeks, you will-

  • Explain us the way you build niche websites
  • Let us know what do you expect from writers
  • Connect us to any content people you rely on
  • Attend frequent strategy calls with us.
  • Participate in hiring process.

Afterwards, you will- 

  • Assign keywords prior to each month
  • Watch over our shoulder while we build your team of niche expert writers
  • Publish the finished articles
  • Pay invoices and other essential bills 

While Building Team of Experts,

we tick 6 boxes

Call it your reader’s experience, or google’s ranking factors, certain bars need to set high when you’re recruiting experts to write contents for you. 

First Hand Experience
The Right Credibility
A Reputation Online
Content and SEO Experience
Command Over English
Willingness To Spread The Words

You might Ask-

How We Find And Manage Niche Expert Writers?

1. Kick Off

We put ourselves into your shows and understand your niche.

2. Website Review

We asses your blog, and learn your vision about it.

3. Hiring Process

A hiring process is designed according to your budget and publishing calendar.

4. Dropping Off

We launch the jobs, spread them out, and collect responses.

5. Screening & Selection

We assess the candidates and make sure the top 1% sticks around. We go back and forth and select eligible writers.

6. Training

Selected writers are taken through a 7-days training. Further filtration takes place when necessary.

7. Into Workflow

We put them to work, ensure timely deliveries, and send them to the editors.

9. Publishing & Sharing

The contents are sent to publisher with author credit to the writers. Writers are asked to share the contents across their social handles.

10. Report And Repeat

On a monthly cycle, we meet your publishing KPI, document everything, and send you the invoices. Once done, we repeat from step 7 in the next month.

Quality Content, Only From Niche Experts

We set regular writers apart from writers with niche expertise. Some words only come from experience. 

100% Hassle-free

We do everything on your behalf, and keep everything transparent. You can seat back and watch your content game go up.

Your Chance To Multimedia Contents

Some niche experts would like to record videos and capture original images for you to embed in the contents or publish elsewhere(youtube, pinterest, etc).

E.E.A.T. At It’s Peak

We establish your blog as a publishing entity that hires real life experts as authors. Plus, author pages, social links, brand mentions, everything comes along with the process.  


Is It Worth Your Money?

All these Might Sound Good, but only if it’s worth your money. And most importantly, if it promises a good ROI. 

Saleh Ahmed

Founder, Content Enthusiast

Sadman Rahi

Co-founder, Biz-dev Ninja

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