How Expertys Works

To build You Your Team of Writers With Niche Expertise

Phase 1: Ground Work

We take a day or two to study your niche, the pulse of your audience, the required expertise, and the dominant brands in the industry.

We revamp your blog to establish a brand image across various social media platforms and the web. This may involve setting up accounts on platforms such as GMB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Crunchbase, Facebook, Wikipedia, and others. Our aim is to create an authentic media entity that experts would love to work with.

We develop content standard operating procedures (SOP), editorial SOP, and a writer training module. Additionally, we establish a communication channel in Slack. Throughout this step, we collaborate with you to ensure that your content strategy is evident throughout the process.

Phase 2: Hiring

Our hiring manager will initiate the recruitment process across eligible platforms such as LinkedIn, marketplaces, and job boards, and through 1-to-1 outreach. The recruitment phase will span over a period of 7-10 days. 

Candidates will undergo a screening process, which includes a short trial task and a form response. After an initial screening, we will shortlist the candidates and send them to you for your final evaluation. During the shortlisting process, we maintain strict eligibility criteria.

Note that, the screening is hosted in Workello, which is an industry-leading writer screening tool. 

For instance, if your website caters to the automotive industry, we will focus on hiring certified mechanics or individuals with a degree in automotive engineering.

Once the candidates have been selected, we will send them a welcome email outlining the further procedure.

Phase 3: Training and Onboarding

Before onboarding, we provide our writers and editors with our signature training module, hosted on Teachable. The module consists of over 20+ lessons divided into 5 chapters, each accompanied by quizzes and assessment tasks.

Some selected candidates may opt out throughout the training and assessment phase. Therefore, we prefer to onboard 30% more people than required for the project.

Writers who complete the training successfully are onboard and taken through the following steps:

  • Enrolled in a task management tool (Workello).
  • Enrolled in communication tools (Slack).
  • Creation of author pages with links to social media handles on the website.
  • Requested to add ‘Contributor at [Your Blog]’ as a title on their LinkedIn profile.

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