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Our Managerial Pricing

100 contents/mo

written by credible niche experts
$ 1,999 Monthly
  • 1 Niche
  • Dedicated Operator
  • Tailored recruitment
  • 1-weeks training
  • 20-30 writers
  • 2-3 SEO editors
  • 100% managed
  • Monthly Reporting
  • E.E.A.T. Support

* This includes setting up your site, understanding your niche, hiring, screening, onboarding, training, and making sure a steady production rate.

* The charges of writers, editors, hiring/team management tools, and any other softwares/services will be paid by you directly.

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Frequently Asked questions

It’s the managerial fee we charge for every 100 contents/niche we outsource from you. Our task includes understanding your site and niche, hiring niche experts, onboarding/training them, assign tasks, recieve them on time, send to editorial team for approval, and send to the publishers to publish. 

Yeah, it can. Because of the low retention, A/B testing of writers, and certain time of the year being holiday seasons for the writers. But we try our best to stick to 100 contents/mo production process, and that’s our KPI. 

At an average rate of $60-80/content, it might be around $6000-8000 ballpark that you need to pay to your team that we build for you.

No, first 6 weeks is for the groundwork, hiring and training. You can expect for the forecasted production from 6th week and onwards. 

The writers and editors we hire for you completely works for you, and your blog. We are just a white-label manager working on your behalf.

Of course, we’ll keep everything transparent and your opinion/instruction will be abided by at every step of our workflow. 

We’ll try to ask every writer to give credentials to your blog as the blog/magazine they write for. Secondly, the contents will be published under their names, with their social media links. Thirdly, we’ll encourage the wrtiers to share every articles they write on their socials, so that you get natural mentions across the web.

Clearly, we can’t hold them back by the sake of any contract or so(because they’re freelance writers). But we will always keep your hiring pipeline ready for filling in so that the overall production sees a minimal decline.

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