When you Run a Crypto Company or Mag,

You Don't Compromise With Quality

Hence, you need subject matter expert(SME) writers who-

  • Are Enthusiasts of Crypto, Fin-tech, Blockchain and De-Fi
  • Have credible writing experience for popular crypto magazines/companies.
  •  Are willing to commit as your go-to writers

Our Poll of SME Writers for

Crypto, Fin-tech, Blockchain and De-Fi

Shayan Chowdhury

Crypto journalist

  • News Editor, Binance
  • News Reporter, CoinPedia
  • Journalist, Cryptopolitan

“As a crypto enthusiast, Shayan’s expertise lies in understanding and explaining the intricacies of Web3 and blockchain development”

Damilola Lawrence

Blockchain journalist

  • Blockchain journalist, Cryptopolitan
  • Journalist, African Vibes Magazine

“As a professional in the field, Damilola combines his expertise in cryptocurrency, his exceptional writing skills, and his journalistic acumen to provide accurate, engaging, and informative content.”

Brenda Mary

Blockchain enthusiasts

  • Reporter, Crypto.news
  • Technical Writer, Cryptopolitan

“Her writing spans various topics, including cryptocurrency news, investing tactics, and technical analysis. She provides insightful coverage on the blockchain and Metaverse worlds, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)”

Jai Hamid

Blockchain Writer

  • Journalist, Cryptopolitan
  • Journalist, The Cryptocurrency Post
  • Journalist, Coin Edition
  • Journalist, Coinposters

“Whether it’s explaining the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology or analyzing the potential impact of cryptocurrencies on various industries, she has the ability to engage and educate her audience.”

Maxwell Mutuma

Crypto-Economic Analyst

  • Author, TheNewsCrypto
  • Author, Cryptopolitan
  • Business Development Consultant, BitcoinWorld

“As you explore Maxwell’s writings and delve into his profound understanding of decentralized technology, you will discover a thoughtful and knowledgeable guide who is committed to illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and equitable future.”

Haseeb Shaheen

Crypto Market Analyst

  • Author, Cryptopolitan

“He demystifies complex concepts like blockchain and artificial intelligence, making them accessible to a wider audience. Haseeb’s knack for simplifying technical jargon enables individuals to embrace technology and leverage it for personal and professional growth.”

Blog Posts

Blogposts helps your existing customers to thrive, and to draw new prospects organically via SEO. 

We create SME-written blog posts that are SEO-friendly, and provoke conversion for you.


Be the trusted source where your prospects rely to learn industry news, insights, opinions.

SME writers know their way around news pieces, and align them with your brand positioning.

Case Studies

Customers don’t trust brands–they trust people.

OUr SMEs extracts real stories from your customers and turns into credible, case studies that tells a story of success.

User Guides

You want your customers to be successful, and you need to let them know how.

User guides are the go-to standard for customer enablement and satisfaction, and our experts can craft them for you.


Editorial newsletters are the best way to upsell, and build relationships.

Our SME’s can put on your hat, and curate newsletters that your audience would love to read and convert into followers.


Into video marketing? Just any ‘script’ won’t cut it. 

Get industry peers and experts to write scripts of your marketing videos and tell a compelling story that builds rapport.

With SME Writers,

What Contents You Can Create?

All these Might Sound Good, but only if it’s worth your money. And most importantly, if it promises a good ROI. 

You Might Ask-

Why Hire SME Writers?

All these Might Sound Good, but only if it’s worth your money. And most importantly, if it promises a good ROI. 

They Have


Unlike generalists, our SME writers have years of experience of writing for companies/magazines exactly like yours.

The Hold

Proven Records

Call it blog posts or sales copies, our SME writers have done it hundreds of times for companies like yours. 

The Process Is


With Expertys, writer management is 100% taken care of. You give us the topics and we deliver you 100% optimized contents for your purposes. We meet ends of deadlines and quality.

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