Why Expertys is Better?

Than your regular Team of Writers

Hassle-free Quality Content, Only From Niche Experts

Hiring and retaining good writers is a hard nut to crack. Even if you’re able to do it, you have other parts of businesses to attend. We be that trusted hand of yours, who do it for you as dedicatedly as your COO would do it. 

On a minimum order size of 100 contents/month, you’ll have one of our managers to focus 100% to your project only, no distractions. The manager is able to and will do the hiring, screening, training, onboarding, assigning and receiving contents, keep the paperwork clean, and report to you on a monthly basis. 

Take Your Chance To Multimedia Contents

We all know how much google adores originality. Not just in content, if you can pair up a few original images and a video with each of your contents, your site probably will be a far safer side from the next core update. 

When you have accredited niche experts to write content for you, we can just ask them to shoot 5-minute videos once they’re done writing content on a certain topic. This will give you a kickstart for youtube and Instagram, and even TikTok! 

For some niches, they might also agree to click a few original images from their studio/chamber/garage that relate to the contents. Even further, if you want to create product review content, just buy them the products, and they’ll make a video/text review based on real life experience. 


We Hire 'Only' Credible Ones

 if your niche is home decor, hire an Interior Designer to write. For automotive, hire an ASE-certified mechanic. For weight loss, hire a certified nutrition…etc

Legit Social Signals

As the experts are going to work as contributors to your blog, they’d love add it as a badge in their social handles. i.e. “Writer/Editor At <your blog>”

Natural Social Shares

We’ll ask the writers to share every content they wrote on their social handles. And we know for a fact that, they’d happily do it. 

A Support to Your readers

If you’d like so, some of your writers might Interact with your readers in the comment section or maybe in the in-website forum. 

E.E.A.T. At It’s Peak

We don’t know what exact parameters google set to justify your website’s EEAT score. But one thing we know for sure-

“If you keep sourcing content from writers/agencies who scrap the top 10 contents from google and combine them in one place for you, you are risking your entire investment. If not now, then definitely in the next couple of years.”

100 contents/mo from Niche Expert Writers

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